TouchTunes Mobile Application Frequently Asked Questions

TouchTunes App How-To

What are the steps to play music on a TouchTunes jukebox using the TouchTunes App?
  1. Download the App and login using your TouchTunes account
    1. If you do not already have a TouchTunes account, you can create one directly from the App.
  2. Check into a TouchTunes jukebox
    1. From the Home screen, tap on your location.
  3. Purchase credits
    1. Tap on the Wallet icon
    2. Tap the Add Credits button and purchase credits for the jukebox
  4. Play a Song
    1. Search for and select the music you want to play.
    2. Hit "Play" or "Play Next" to queue the song.
What is the TouchTunes App?
The TouchTunes App lets you play TouchTunes jukeboxes right from your smartphone. With the TouchTunes App you are able to search for TouchTunes locations, check in, search for music and play music on the jukebox. You can even compete to be the "House DJ" and post your plays to your social networks.

Where can I use the TouchTunes App?
The TouchTunes App is available at most of the 60,000+ TouchTunes locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Can I use the TouchTunes App on any TouchTunes jukebox?
The TouchTunes App is available on most, but not all, TouchTunes jukeboxes. Only jukeboxes that support the TouchTunes App will appear in the App's location finder.

Can I download music to my phone with the TouchTunes App?
No. The TouchTunes App is used for playing songs remotely on a TouchTunes jukebox.

Do I need to turn on Location Services to use the Mobile App?
Yes. The Mobile app uses Location Services to determine your current location.

To turn Location Services on an iPhone:
  1. Select the Settings icon on your phone's springboard.
  2. Select the Location Services icon.
  3. Set Location Services to ON and ensure Location Services for the TouchTunes app are also set to ON.
To turn on Location Services using an Android device:
  1. Select Settings
  2. Set GPS and/or Use Wireless Networks to ON
How much does it cost to play a song using the TouchTunes App?
The cost of a song varies depending on the song selected and the pricing at the particular location where you are playing the song. The song price when using the App will be exactly the same as the price on the jukebox.

In general you can lower your price per credit, and therefore the song price, by purchasing a larger number of credits. You will also receive bonus credits each time you make a purchase just for using the TouchTunes App!

Why do I need to add credits to a jukebox?
The jukebox uses credits to manage payment for songs. Adding credits with the TouchTunes App is the same as if you were to go to the jukebox and use cash or a credit card to purchase credits to play a song.

Can I transfer App credits from one jukebox to another?
No. Once you apply credits to a jukebox using the App, they remain available only for that jukebox. Credits must be used within 180 days from the date of purchase.

Is my credit card information safe and secure?
Yes. Your credit card information is not saved on the App or on any Touchtunes server. Also, all communication between the TouchTunes App and the TouchTunes network are secure and strongly encrypted using HTTP over SSL (https).

Which credit cards can I use with the TouchTunes App?
You can use the following credit cards with the TouchTunes App:
  1. Visa
  2. Visa -- Debit (US)
  3. MasterCard
  4. MasterCard -- Debit (US)
  5. American Express (US)
  6. Discover
Are credit cards that require a PIN supported?
Yes, though the PIN is not required for purchase.

What does it mean to check in to a TouchTunes jukebox?
Checking in connects the TouchTunes App to a specific jukebox.

Once you are checked into a specific jukebox, you can play music on that jukebox by purchasing credits and selecting a song. Credits added for a specific jukebox can only be used on that jukebox. Jukebox credits remain available for 180 days.

How long does the TouchTunes App stay checked into a jukebox?
You will remain check in for 12 hours or until you check into another jukebox.

Can I be checked into multiple jukeboxes at once?
No. Checking into a second jukebox will automatically check you out of the current jukebox.

Do I always need to check into a jukebox to use the TouchTunes App?
You only need to check in to a jukebox if you want to play music, see what’s playing and what song is up next, or see who else in the location is using the App to play music. You don't need to check in to search the TouchTunes music catalog, create your own playlists, and manage your settings.

Can more than one user be logged into the TouchTunes App at the same time on the same device?
No. You can only log into one account at a time on a single device.

If I log onto TouchTunes on the jukebox, can I see the credits that I added from the TouchTunes App?
No. Credits in the TouchTunes App are maintained separately and are not accessible directly from the jukebox. The same applies in reverse -- money inserted into a jukebox is not added to your App's wallet.

Can I be logged into TouchTunes on the jukebox while also logged into the TouchTunes App?
Yes, these logins are independent of each other.

Can I be charged long distance fees?
The TouchTunes App works using Wi-Fi or the cellular network. Depending on your plan, fees may apply when using the cellular network.

What should I do if I lose my phone?
If you lose your phone, TouchTunes recommends that you change your TouchTunes App password (your TouchTunes password), especially if you have shared it with anyone in the past.

Will I lose any information if I update the TouchTunes App to a newer version?
No, you will not lose any information when you update your App. We recommend that you update the App whenever a new version is released.

Can I send credits to anyone as a gift?
This functionality is not currently supported.

Does the TouchTunes App offer any rewards program?
Yes. You will receive bonus credits each time you make a purchase when using the TouchTunes App. You can also earn free credits and digital status pins when you achieve play milestones.

Why can't I find my favorite jukebox using the TouchTunes App?
If you cannot find a jukebox using the App, then the jukebox is not currently enabled for the App, it lost its internet connection, or the location has chosen to keep their location private.

Why can't I check into a specific Jukebox?
If you cannot check in to a jukebox, the jukebox might not be enabled for the TouchTunes App or your may be too far from the jukebox (generally more than ½ mile).

Why can't I find the song I am looking for?
There are two reasons a song might not be available on the TouchTunes App:
  1. The song is not available on the TouchTunes Network in general
  2. The song is not available on the specific jukebox you are checked into
What is manual check in? And why would I need to manually check in?
Under some circumstances, a jukebox may be enabled for the TouchTunes App, but may not appear on the App locations list. In such cases, it is possible to log into your TouchTunes account on the jukebox, go to the myMobile tab, and find the jukebox's mobile ID number. You can manually check into such a jukebox by entering the mobile ID number into the App when prompted.

Where can I get help or send feedback on the TouchTunes App?
Touch the Settings icon, touch Help, and touch the Send Feedback button.

TouchTunes Mobile Application Wallet Change Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to my TouchTunes Dollars?
We’ve made the wallet easier to use and eliminated TouchTunes Dollars. On your first login with the newest version of the mobile app we automatically converted each TouchTunes Dollar in your Wallet into 3 bonus credits.  For example, if you had 10 TouchTunes Dollars, you got 30 bonus credits.  These bonus credits can be used at any jukebox without a transfer and expire 180 days after they were converted.

How does the new Wallet work?
With the new wallet, you no longer have to purchase TouchTunes Dollars.  Now you simply check in and purchase credits directly for each jukebox where you'd like to play songs.  If you have bonus credits, those credits will be spent before any purchased credits.

How do I redeem promo codes?
To redeem a promo code, simply go to the wallet, tap on the "Redeem Promo" button and enter the promo code to get your credits.  You can see your promo credits in the Bonus Credits section.

Will I still earn rewards?
Yes. This change does not impact our loyalty and rewards program.