University Of Michigan Band

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Victors, The (University Of Michigan)
Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech
Stars And Stripes Forever
Varsity (University Of Michigan)
Roar, Lion, Roar (Columbia University)
Navy Blue And Gold (Navy)
Fight On, U.S.C. (University Of Southern Califor...
Fight On, Pennsylvania (Universty Of Pennsylvani...
Fight, Tiger (University Of Missouri)
Duke Blue And White (Duke University)
Dear Old Nebraska U. (University Of Nebraska)
Minnesota Rouser (Minnesota)
Across The Field (Ohio State University)
Nittany Lion (Pennsylvania State)
Indiana, Our Idiana (Indiana)
Iowa Fight Song (State University Of Iowa)
Msu Fight Song (Michigan State University)
Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A.
On, Brave Old Army Team
Notre Dame Victory March

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